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What Makes Barcelona A Major Tourist Destination?

Barcelona city is the capital of Catalonia and during the year 2017 it received about 19 million tourists from around the world. The city is a former Roman city and that is why it carries a deep sense of history that is thrilling to every human.

Apart from the deep roman history, there are other factors that have made the Barcelona city stand out and become one of the greatest tourist destination. One of the tourist attraction to the city are the sunny beaches. The basking in the sunny beaches is essential for holiday lovers and people who are taking some time off their busy schedules or even lovers who are on their honeymoon and they come here to bond and be with one another hence improving relations.

The second tourist attraction to the city is the iconic architecture that is somewhat inspiring. Walking or chauffeured tours around the city by travel agencies can help the tourists have a glimpse about the works of art and even save them a lot of time while introducing plans that they didn’t have. The Buildings now in the city include the Sagrada Familia, a Roman cathedral, Casa Batllo, the allure, wonderful mosaics and many others some of which are works of famous artists like Antoni Gaudi.

Third tourist attraction is the UNESCO world heritage sites. These include places of cultural, educational or historical significance that are protected by the world organization. These places among many others include the Parque Guell and the Palau de la Musica Catalana.

The largest metropolitan park is the third tourist attraction. Parc de Collserola is the largest park in the city and it’s the most famous even though the city has more than sixty others and has an amusement park that families can enjoy. The park also has beautiful nature here an observation tower and a Tibidabo mountain and the residents and visitors love to come here to watch these.

Barcelona city boasts of popular museums as a tourist attractions. Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art and the Fandacio Joan Mir are some of the famous museums in the city of Barcelona. Asif that isn’t enough, one of these museums surprisingly belong to Fc Barcelona.

Passion for the soccer game is the other attraction to the city of Barcelona. The city boasts of a big stadium called the Camp Nou that hosts around ninety-five thousand people. Apart from the stadia, the city is linked to one of the best football clubs in the world, FC Barcelona. Fc Barcelona, one of the world’s best football clubs is linked to the city too. The club has players like Lionel Messi who are stars and people come from far and wide to watch them play.