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One Outfit, Different Personalities

Without a doubt, the first impression that you can give to other people will certainly define your whole personality. As old folks would say looks shouldn’t matter too much but in special cases, it is highly essential for you to be presentable especially if you are trying to impress somebody in the workplace, in an audition, in a job interview, your friends, or your loved ones. This kind of mentality should not surprise us anymore since we live in a world where our physical looks can be easily misinterpreted and can easily reflect our character. However, one’s style should not be pretentious at all but rather it should mirror your inner thoughts and valuable traits. A good way of applying this notion is to pick the classiest version of your own style and preference. Modern technology is highly crucial for you to learn more about the trendiest styles nowadays whether you want to sport a sophisticated look or an innocent good guy image.

It is always a good idea to keep a good image. Certain studies show that those who are more presentable and keep a good-looking image make an average of two hundred thousand bucks. It is more likely to be observed that men who are not particular with their image are not usually given a promotion even if they deserve it. This concept is also observable when it comes to snatching ladies. No matter how much we preach that beauty is not just skin deep, the harsh truth is the way you carry yourself through your wardrobe choices can make a great statement to those who see you may it be a good or bad impact. Sad to say, this unconscious bias can impact our everyday lives. Hence, we should make an effort to look good and feel great. This article talks about how you can achieve a presentable look easily.

The first thing you need to do is to invest on quality brand clothing. It is important to remember how quality fares over quantity. The best thing to do is to buy neutral outfits that you can easily mix and match, one for each day of the week. Brand quality clothes can last a longer period of time especially if you give them the right care. You should have at least four outfits for casual days or for business events. Most importantly, pick choices that can easily flatter your shape and build.

It is also advisable to ask a tailor to custom-made your outfits for you. If not, then your attempts will be extremely futile.

Accessories should be made simple and not too flashy. When it comes to jewelry and watches, always embrace the minimalist side. Too much “bling” will make you look shabby and gaudy and it can give off an impression that you are a trying-hard copycat. Always alternate where you put your jewelry and watch.

Lastly, avoid wrinkles and put some thought into wearing good shoes.