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Various Ways of Finding out about the Worst Viruses Present in the World

The virus is one of the species which has lived in the world for an extended period and seems to be undergoing a lot of mutations year after the other. With the various kinds of viruses, they usually come along with different characteristics, and some of them are very dangerous in leading to disease outbreaks and some extent leading to pandemics. The viruses end up being a menace in those situations where the viruses have high levels of causing disease outbreaks yet in vaccine or cure has been discovering. In this article, we are going to have a look at some of the most dangerous viruses that exist in the world which are beyond the control of human beings.

The zika virus is one of the viruses that exist in the world today many people term it as being very dangerous. According to the records people experiencing the symptoms of the zika virus were first found in the United States of America. With the emergence of the zika virus, those people who’s suffered from it experienced very many health issues among them being congenital disabilities. Where those people who get infected with the zika virus underwent a lot of suffering the world health organization ended declaring zika as a health menace that was putting the whole world at risk. Those children were born with the zika virus end up having tiny heads in stature that was far much below the right size with a brain which was not well-formed. The zika virus is mainly known to be passed from one person to another through a mosquito bite.

The Ebola virus is the second kind of the infections which one can term as being vigorous since it has the capability of leading to an outbreak. The Ebola virus is known to have been leading to the death of people mostly in the African countries. Being in contact with infected body fluid is the leading known mode in which the Ebola virus is known to move from one person to the other.

Moreover, the third type of the virus that one is likely to come across which is termed as being very dangerous is the Lassa fever. The most shocking part of the Lassa virus is that even those people who are having the virus might not be aware of it. The fact that no symptoms are observed with the Lassa virus it comes very hard for the virus to be diagnosed. The main methods in which the virus is known to be transmitted is through the contact with body fluid which is infected. The main symptoms that appear at the last stage is the bleeding of the eyes and the gums.